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To foster the sustainable development of Peruvian communities integrating their stakeholders amongst each other and with their environment.


Public spaces in a city--its parks, streets, sidewalks and natural areas--are a community's vital centers that reflect its identity. They can enrich a neighborhoods economy, health and social life or be the setting for crime; bring respite to a busy day or reflect an image of decay.

When neighbors, authorities and businesses value and make sound use of public spaces, they can become places of everyday encounters, platforms for local culture and catalysts for developing social and economic networks. Espacio Expresión integrates those stakeholders, their local desires and values with our own vision of the city to foster a positive transformation of public space.




  • Propose and promote participatory strategies for integrates change in a community through its public spaces.
  • Develop technical studies for urban, social and cultural proposals.
  • Promote neighborhood life through activities and interventions that celebrate local culture in public space
  • Strengthen capacities of families and neighborhood groups to negotate changes in their neighborhood to reflect their values and desires.






We promote relationships among local stakeholders sharing the knowledge, abilities and tools needed for them to better negotiate the changes to their environment.



We take on problems as oportunities to negotiate and design new intervention strategies. Instead of formulas, we approach each new situation as an opportunity for innovation.



We integrate different resources to foster sustainable synergies through a network that shares and complements their objectives, interests and knowledge. Relationships of trust among stakeholders are strengthened with each action.



We use our diversity and knowledge created through constante interaction among stakeholders, our team and our environment to enrich each proposal.

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